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04.18.2014 , 10:30 AM | #52
I have been asking,...well begging since launch for more guild content and houses we could decorate as we choose.

I have questions that i hope the DEV's are thinking about when designing this release:

* Can we put the decorations WHERE we want in the strongholds or are they cookie cutter placement for each piece??? ( or is it once you unlock it, it only goes in one place )
* Can we SIT on the furniture?
* Priority transport terminal come standard?
* Can we have different (several choices) colors for interiors and decorations?
* Is there a limit on other people you can have in your stronghold? does it require a group invite?
* Will it give us expanded inventory slots?
* Is your stronghold LOCKABLE or is it free roam to any one that happens by?
* is your stronghold LOOTABLE if left unlocked?
* Can we give others permission to decorate your stronghold for you? move and take items in your stronghold?
* How is the crafting set up for decorations? who crafts what? or do all crafters craft all pieces?
* Are the strongholds set up like mini cities in Nar Shaddaa and grouped together or generic entrance location?
* Once unlocked can you move your stronghold if you don't like your neighbors? what cost?
* Is there an added benefit if you log off in your stronghold VS in a cantina or your ship?
* Can i have a different exterior color and design or just cookie cutter?
* Will our companions be able to roam in our strongholds? special quests from them in the strongholds?

* Are they a ship that moves or a space station that stay in place?
* If it moves can we add weapons? can we man the weapon turrets? can we explore space in it?
* Can we attack other guild ships? and board it and gain loot items (not guild items)?
* Is there a max number of members and items it will hold, and do you need a group?
* How much storage space will the guild ship have?
* Are there special missions launched only from guild ships? space and ground flashpoints and ops?
* Do we fly to our ships from ground or the fleets or is it docked somewhere we click an elevator to gain access?
* Will it be customizable? Colors? Designs , inside and out?
* What does the guild gain for having a guild ship? crafting bonus? PVP / PVE offensive and or defense bonus?
* Will the guild leader and those assigned by guild leader have more guild options like guild mail to ALL in the guild?
* Can we pretty please get a GUILD RECRUITER on the fleet and starter planets? the guild recruiter would have a searchable list of all guilds with a guild leader written description of the guild with a minimum of 1 page "available" to them. Once a player applies to a guild a mail would be sent to the guild leader and officers, it would allow you to accept or reject the player EVEN IF THE PLAYER IS OFFLINE.
* Guild voice chat, (yes i know we "OTHER" out of game options but some people have trouble setting them up)
* Galactic Market , training dummies, guild bank, personal storage locker, priority transport terminal , mail terminal comes standard with guild ships, (seeing the initial cost)?

Just a few questions that are concerning before the launch that should be answered.

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Am I the only one excited for Galactic Strongholds?
I don't see too many people around here that seem that way, even though I see a lot of people asking for Player Housing and Guild Flagships...
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