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The story about the Rep-Imp cooperation on Alderaan reminded me of two of my own cross-faction co-op stories.

The first one was a few weeks back when I was digging for the dread seed on Corellia. My Juggernaut is walking around, digging everywhere when a smuggler shows up. Turns out the smuggler is in the same guild as my main and we got to /say ing a lot at each other while we dug for the seed. Took us forever, but the smuggler even stuck around after she had got hers to keep chatting with me. Our inattention earned us both the Unlucky title, if you know what I mean.

The other was last night on my juggernaut again. Heading up the watchtower steps when a group of 3 republic players come running by. We all waved at each other and went on our merry ways. After a bit, they jumped me and Quinn carbonized one of them. I set him to passive and chose not to fight. I got a /say from two of them apologizing and wishing me a nice day!
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