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First off this is an awesome thread OP! Thank you for creating a good community based thread focusing on the good of the game not the baddies.

Ok id like to say thaat i am one of the hard to find(on my server any way) Pre-Ordered the Collectors Edition players. I played the game at launch and fell in love with it. Just like i knew i would. I was however a noob at MMO's it was my first time having a mmo i liked and felt like playing long term. Well one day i was playing my first toon (a marauder) and i was LFG athiss. I was just at the level to run through the fp so i was having trouble qeuing and getting a group together. Well out of nowhere this ****** jugg(hes very high lvled 40 something maybe 50) just shows up invites me and says hey ill run you through athiss real quick but then i gtg. Well my pc was **** so i took a good amount of time to load. We start rushing through and the loots start dropping i need like everything. He stops for a sec and says dont need everything in fp's. Only what you actually need or could really use for THIS toon. I asked him the diff between need and greed and apologized not that he wanted the gear he passed on everything. But he was letting me know for when i group up again. Good advice. He also gave me a very good explanation of my mara skills which at the time i was acting more like a jugg than a mara because of my play style. Jump in attack and jump again. He told me the best skill tree setup for back then that suited me and even gave me some creds to get some better gear for my stats. If I remember correctly his name is Vaxes. he still plays today Thank you very much Vaxes.

Now on the other hand i had stopped playing due to personal issues and having a baby life stuff and my pc not being able to handle the game and then started to play last summer and that pc died lol.

So when i got back to playing hardcore again I went back to my mara and finished her up. Well im on Korriban headin to fight you know who on the last class mission and i see this jugg in front of the temple dueling a sorc who is lvl 8 and hes like lvl 12. He got DESTROYED! in less than a min. I duel him after to show my awsome high lvl choke that kills him in less than a sec. But after i inv him to group. I asked him what he was doing to get ganked so badly by the lowbie inquisitor. He said im not sure i just started playing and im still kinda new to the warrior play-style. Well i take him along on my qeust let him watch me fight you know who not see the story sequence. Well it takes me a couple times and i tell him how he can gear what he should look for in stats for gear and what kind of light saber crystal works for him. I gave him like 50K and bought him a 200K crystal he could use and gave him almost 2 mil worth of gear that he could mod on his own for his style and told him the best kinds of mods to use. I have helped out several lowbies or just random people ive seen alot.
IMO in this kind of emmersive game there should be and astounding and overwhelming sense of community.

So when i see someone struggling or just asking for help alot of th time ill say wth im not doing much and try to help them out. and yeah sometime you can get the naggers or what not but hey its still a good feeling and an awesome experience. I think you should want to help people out in the game and create more friends so that you have a better environment to play in. This game has alot of that and I personally hope it continues to grow into a much larger community.