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I like this thread and the uplifting spirit presented in it. I spontaneously remember three stories:

1. Level 55 kingpins during the bounty hunter weeks: Several times, I helped others and others helped me, because these guys are really tough (and actually for a group). My favourite memory: The kingpin on Alderaan. There was not one rep player on the planet on this mission except me and no 55 willing to help. I was on an ungeared alt, so no chance to single it. There was an Imperial player who saw me standing there and didn't hesitate to start her fight. I watched it passively first, because I wasn't sure what to think about her rushing in. She died quickly. I contacted her via "say" if she would be interested in teaming up with a republic char and offered to fight her boss first and then she helps me with mine. I was a bit worried if she would simply go away after her fight, but she kept her word and we managed to kill the bosses with the help of an "enemy". Afterwards we even had a nice chat. The first and only time I ever spoke with an imp while playing a rep. Good to have a shared enemy. (And I don't know if she was a she or a he. I just assumed a she, because she was so kind and helpful.)

2. One day, I was standing with an alt on the fleet. There was a guy asking if someone could craft him some low (or mid?) level mods for a while. Then I went out. Some hours later I came back and he was still asking for a cybertech. So I contacted him and asked what he needs. Turned out my main was able to craft exactly that purple mod he requested (cannot craft too many purple low level mods; never bothered). He asked for the price and I said, if he buys the mats from the GTN, I craft for free. So he provided all the stuff (even more than I needed) and when I was done, I even had a crit, so I gave it to him on top. He was so thankful that he gave me totally insane and undeserved 200.000 credits for my work. I tried hard to decline that money (always closed the trade window), but he insisted so strongly to reward me for being the only helpful person on the fleet that I finally gave in. And even though I was actually the helpful one, it feels like he did something good to me.

3. My favourite: I struggled with the final boss of the tropper story on my most hated planet Belsavis. It was the only boss I had problems with my main in the whole game. Don't know why. So I was asking for help and there was another trooper who had just finished his story and was already in front of his space shuttle to leave the planet. But he decided to help me out. Because he just had used his quick travel, he had to drive all the way back to the cave. Together, we beat the boss and I was happy to leave that planet behind. That guy was awesome! I don't remember his name. It was about two years ago. But thanks again!


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I thought I'd be dead, but he just looked at me and said something like "with your gear, you don't stand a chance against me". And I just said "Yeah, I know." And then he left me alone, when he could have just ganked me for his daily/weekly.
I like that anecdote! There is still honour out there.