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Kyrean, my human Jedi guardian.

He was born to a pair of Imperial agents serving under Darth Thanaton. It should be noted that he also had an adoptive brother (a zabrak baby who the agents found abandoned and named "Orcen". He was only two years older than Kyrean.) Due to the harsness of the empire, the two agents were planning on defecting to the Republic. But Thanaton discovered their plot, and Kyrean's parents were forced to flee with the children (who were both still babies). At one point in the confusion, Kyrean and his mother were separated from his father and Orcen. At one point Thanaton's soldiers caught up with Kyrean and his mother, and shot her. But thankfully, a Jedi duo was passing by and stopped the soldiers. But it was too late for Kyrean's mother, who spent her last moments asking the Jedi to ensure a good life for her son. The Jedi took Kyrean and discovered his sensitivity to the force. From that point on, Kyrean was raised as a Jedi.

Kyrean is just one of eight characters I have. I may decide to post the rest later. (Orcen has his own story, for example.)