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Something that I think would set SWTOR apart from other games is the idea of mixing RTS with PvP. This was done in Battle II: Combat Commander and it was an awesome experience.

Basically one person on your team is the "Commander" and gets a top down view of the battlefield. This person has RTS controls and is able to give commands to other players such as "Attack, Heal, Defend, etc.". The players then receive the commands and waypoints. Think of how much more organized and enjoyable a PUG would be with a good Commander?

This is something that could be implemented into any of the existing 8v8 maps or even to Flashpoints and Operations and none of the other major MMOs are currently doing it. Please consider...

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That would be amazing! I enjoy the commander aspect seen in other games and would be pretty cool to command groups/striketeams in Warzones. How would the commander be incentivized to be a "good commander"? How would players be incentivized to follow the commander's orders? Would you queue to be a commander or would it be random/top Valor once you got into the Warzone? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
I would like to see all the above in 12+ vs and with a skirmish mode Together with the following in separate WZ';

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Now what I really would like to see; To put our guild stronghold in PvP queue then stage 1) A GSF battle with our Guild strongholds as background, Stage 2) Winning team of the space battle get to board the losing teams Stronghold and get a multiple choice of pathway to split up and try to reach the bridge.

Reaching the bridge earns your guild a gold star, defending it successfully earns your guild a defense gold star, silver for a good try and so forth.

Then the guild wars has begun - add to that leader boards with guild reputation. What would be even greater is a skirmish function so we could choose to fight each other . . . Guild A can choose to fight Guild B - that would open up so many dimensions to the game ...
And a guild valor rank for Guild vs Guild - And not to mention how easy it would become to stage(stop reading now if you're a pvp only die hard or else your brain will explode) and run RPvP battles