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In terms of reusable PVP medpacs/adrenal I think this would be a terrible idea. I level through PVP and while it takes a long time and the credits are poor the only thing that enables me to afford skills and MK-9 come 55 is selling medpacs/adrenals for 40-70k per stack. 99% of these trades are to 55 toons who play ranked, it would be a double edged sword. Although I would LOVE a reusable stim. I don't think it's a wise idea.
This is a good point. PvP has a very specific economy and this would greatly impact it. Prices are already going to be going down, assuming they add health packs and adrenals to the new ranked quests. It does add up.

I think those top 3 of the advanced class in the world (should be server as stated) should get a reusable health pack and/or stim. Perhaps only the number ones. There shouldn't be any actually gameplay related boosts (like +5 expertise, unless it's still capped at 2018), but useful things would be wonderful. With the coming level cap everyone will have to reaugment. Augment kits, augments, credits, cool armor that comes with preaugmented (with or without actual augments) are all things I think would be good. Divide them so that economy isn't too greatly impacted ie. Don't give lowest tier things worth a lot, monetarily.
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