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04.16.2014 , 01:20 PM | #432
Up to 29805 myself and back into the grind.

2.7 brought two new ships to GSF, two new flashpoints, and NiM operations achievements (including to NiM DP, which are not available yet, even though you can practice some elements already on story mode). Point totals have changed as follows (and have been recalculated accordingly):

GSF: 2920 3120
FPs: 7060 7680
Ops: 4210 4510

And because Bioware like to screw with me and change the order of achievements ever major patch, Space is now above Events.

No real achievement fixes for 2.7, alas. Hopefully a fix for burning Markin or something is incoming in the near future.

Also, if anyone else has experience with achievement mergers/server transfers, please let me know.