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Adding a "lolwt* Gunship" build for all the aces that are crying boredom/too easy/buff my Flashfire/etc. Play this and post some scoreboards!


Coined the “shi**y gunship.” Intentionally trades off many of the strengths of gunships for weaker alternatives. This build is a torpedo platform, for fun. I understand the idea behind the design but feel it’s vastly inferior to other offerings. However, any ship is devastating in the right hands. This thing can still score the bulk of kills in a Team Deathmatch. If you're not having fun, why are you playing?


Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon (T4 Ignore Armor, T5 Shield Piercing)
I use heavy lasers over the other alternatives for the armor piercing and range. They are great for clearing turrets, drones, mines, killing other bombers and attacking enemies coming in to attack you. As mentioned, bypassing enemy damage reduction is immensely useful. I go with the shield piercing upgrade to finish off any additional hull weaker enemies have after being hit by my railgun or other allies. I built this gunship as a long range weapons platform without the "lolnerfrailguns."

Secondary Weapon: Thermite Torpedo (T4 Increased Projectile Speed, T5 Plasma Warheads)
Fire off one of these and switch to the other! Thermite Torpedo was buffed in the recent patch, allowing it to hit shields hard while still leaving a nasty debuff for your laser cannons to utilize. Use this to either strip shields and apply the bleedthrough debuff or finish off a shieldless opponent.

Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes (T4 Increased Projectile Speed, T5 Increased Range)
Fire these to hit their hull directly. This ship does a lot of shield penetration damage so take advantage of it!

Engine: Barrel Roll (T3 Increased Turning Rate)
Ridiculously good for mobility, offense, defense and a missile break with sugar on top. I opt for increased turning for faster target acquisition. This is even more useful for locking on Thermite and Proton Torpedoes.

Shields: Directional Shield (T3 Reduced Regen Delay)
The only shield option that allows mobility and gives you hefty shields. Useful for handling enemies that try to come head-on or even while retreating. Reducing regen delay seems better than increasing shield regeneration rate, and so I go with that option.

Sensor: Communication Sensors
Communicate amongst your allies to get more of a wholistic view of the battlefield.

Reactor: Large Reactor
Larger shields are tastier shields. Since dying to burst damage is more commonplace than dying to attrition, I favor larger shields.

Capacitor: Frequency Capacitor
These offer the highest amount of damage with the tradeoff of increased weapon power pool consumption. With Regeneration Extender I feel like the drawback is minimal. More damage is always good if you can handle the power consumption.

Magazine: Regeneration Extender
The all-around best choice for sustained fire. More regeneration means more blaster shots means more damage.


Copilot: Skadge / Nadia Grell (Bypass)
An amazingly useful copilot ability, pair this with Heavy Laser Cannon and Thermite Torpedo shots.

Offensive: Skadge / Aric Jorgan (25% ammo, 8% secondary weapon reload)
More ammunition for your torpedo banks. Faster torpedo reload times (nearly a whole second off), which is very nice since you'll be trying to chain fire these.

Defensive: Vector / Nadia Grell (10% shield power pool, 5% evasion)
I am always a fan of a larger renewable source of defense, and evasion is too good to pass up.

Tactical: Mako / Lord Scourge (sensor radius & communication)
Increased sensor radius and communication range for finding enemies and getting a larger view of the battlefield.

Engineering: Blizz / C2-N2 (10% engine power pool, 13% engine efficiency)
With regeneration extender it’s unlikely you’ll be running out of power to your heavy lasers. Gunships also tend to run around a lot. I chose the companion that would give the largest bonus to mobility, allowing you to respond more quickly and evade enemies longer.
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