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Hello Ranked Veterans! With the start of Season 2 rapidly approaching (currently scheduled for 2.7.1) we are going to have all new Season rewards for participants, champions and all-stars! We hope you enjoy them immensely but in future seasons we want to make sure we are getting y'all rewards that are desirable and the best way to do this is for you to tell us!

We have a bunch of ideas for upcoming rewards but we want to hear what our PvP Community values for rewards that are difficult to obtain and show off your elite(st) status!

What do you want the top reward to be?
What do you want the middle rewards to be?
What do you want the lowest reward to be?

The more information the better! For example, posting “a TaunTaun with a spiked collar” is much more helpful than “a unique mount”. Go berserk and come up with some amazing ideas!

Without further adieu, what would you like to see for Season Rewards?
In all three there needs to be a significant tangible reward for it to be worth something, i have seen a few players on the back of a rancor.

Minimum rewards should be completely unique to all tiers and nothing from lower tiers, a higher tier player can not get and vice versa;

Lowest tier: I would try and offer a mount. A weapon of choice (LS, rifle, pistols ...) account unlocked in collections with some flashy look to it. A unique color crystal also account unlocked in collections. A title. A stack of credits (1m) or comms (30 comms/1200 pvp marks).

Mid tier: I would offer a mount. A weapon of choice (LS, rifle, pistols ...) account unlocked in collections with a flashy look. A unique color crystal also account unlocked from collections. A title. A unique suit of armour without mods, character bound. A large stack credits (3m) or comms (50 comms/2000 pvp marks).

High tier i would offer a flashy mount. A Weapon of choice (LS, rifle, pistols ...) account unlocked in collections with a flashy look and cool sound. A group of a unique color crystal of all types (end, power, crit, exp ...) and includes a purely aesthetic look when used in combat (produces a sort of an after shadow effect when in motion), all account unlocked in collections. An epic title. A unique suit of armour, flashy and account unlocked in collections without mods. A massive stack of credits (6m) and comms (80 comms/3200 pvp marks).

Just as an example.

As an idea of a Mount. A walker type of mount like those used a few thousand years later on. i cant see any reason it can not be added, a metal contraption like that, you got the likes of a tauntaun which runs on two legs and you sit on its back, a metal walker wouldn't be much different. i was also thinking about that walker idea, that a mid tier winner gets a mounted weapon on the front of the walker, its not much more powerful then most hand held weapons basic attack. The high tier winner gets the same walker with more flash but an extra mounted cannon on the front which works as a sort of poor mans secondary attack choice with a weak energy pool so the walker cant be exploited beyond it's use.

On the idea of a color crystal, an all black color crystal would be nice for the low and mid tier but high tier gets a sort of darksaber type of color crystal.