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That would be amazing! I enjoy the commander aspect seen in other games and would be pretty cool to command groups/striketeams in Warzones. How would the commander be incentivized to be a "good commander"? How would players be incentivized to follow the commander's orders? Would you queue to be a commander or would it be random/top Valor once you got into the Warzone? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
No, it would not be amazing. The current 8vs8 BGs need no Commander, because all decisions in the BG are of tactical nature. No one can better decide what is best for the Squad then the player himself on the field. You only have to no the capabilities of your class, strength and weakness of your gameplay and primary goals of the map. That's it. The player is led by task.

What you like to see is led by order. That makes currently no sence, because
1.) The main strategy for success is fix.
2.) Experience in the field does not make you to a good leader. Voting a leader does not make you a good leader.
3.) You need players, who strict follows the orders.
4.) The commander gets bored after setting up 8 man.
5.) The player in the field has to compensate, if the commander leavs game or goes afk.
6.) No plan survive the first shot, when strategy is fix.
7.) The time of superstars is over

I like to be free in decision and to have the tactical choice in my hand. If you want to max the potential for success, then team up before joining and use chat and teamspeak to communicate.