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04.16.2014 , 10:12 AM | #756
I would like to see something on a larger scale like Alterac Valley in WoW.

16 v 16 would be nice or something in open world areas that is reminiscent of war plots in Wildstar like 16 v 16 on a map where you control points build resources and have a blast doing it!

This little 8 man and 4 man content is stale and you would bring back a ton of players that left over 8man ranked and a ton more that left over last years announcement of no open world content.

Players need some type of reward for level 55 v 55 open world PVP. Something thats NOT standing in a line clicking an item. If the reason we don't get open world content is that the performance is hit by too many players then just make a new planet and limit each sides instance to 40 players each.