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That would be amazing! I enjoy the commander aspect seen in other games and would be pretty cool to command groups/striketeams in Warzones. How would the commander be incentivized to be a "good commander"? How would players be incentivized to follow the commander's orders? Would you queue to be a commander or would it be random/top Valor once you got into the Warzone? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
1) Commanders get points when someone carries out their orders. (eg. "X, go heal Y!" X heals Y. X and commander get points for healing.)
2) Players get bonus points for obeying commanders' orders, on top of the points they normally get for killing or healing or objectives.
3) Que for commander with a checkbox to command. Only people who check the box have a chance to be commander when the match is formed
4) People who have a higher valor have a higher "chance" to command (like how the conversation system gives people a higher chance who haven't had a convo choice for a while). That way mostly experienced people would lead, which is nice for everyone on the team. But occasionally newer people would get to experience it as well.