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04.16.2014 , 04:28 AM | #752
You guys should make a warzone.

It could either on taris or balmorra, where each player is assigned to a role, (ex snipers can be lookouts juggs can be defense blockade etc)
The objective is to take over the other outpost and players are immune to sleep darts and stuff.
One outpost is on one side, other out post is on other side, there are also shifts between players guarding.
If no one is guarding the outpost, the last person that left it will not spawn until the next round, after the 3m round is done.
If someone goes out if bounds they will not spawn until the round is over.
It take 9 second to take the outpost, the more people the faster it gets taken.
If no outpost is taken, each team will get 10 points each, if both outposts are taken, the team when both gets 200 points and if one outpost is taken per team, they will get 150 points each.
Guarding shifts happen every minute, so be prepared.
Game ends when one team gets 600 points.
Since there has to be a host, Darth marr will help host for imperial side and Satele shan for the republic side for this training session.