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What i'm still wondering about is the fact, that with integrating a galaxy wide game host like Giradda the Hutt lorewise, why don't you focus on a "competetive series" hosted by Giradda or any other hutt?

With Arenas closely resembling classic 4on4 TeamDeathmatch, Huttball beeing the new Capture the Flag (or Bombing Run like in the UnrealTournament Series), Hypergates beeing Domination and e.g. Voidstar beeing the Assault-Type, you could easily spam the PvP Crowd with new Maps of the same mode with a different layout, just like the Shooter-Games did in the good old days
And this approach is working within the multiplayer shooter genre since the early 2000s, so i see no real reason for TOR trying a totally new way of Battlegrounds for every new BG.

Simply by changing the map layouts there could be so many various new options and tactics and in my opinion most of the PvP Players would be satisfied with it

And only with a brief look over the galaxy i guess there is a bunch of old facilities and abandoned temples and ruins that a business-minded hutt could easily convert in a exiting Arena for the Galaxy's biggest Gameseries
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