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04.15.2014 , 01:29 PM | #6
I sat for hours never getting a ranked pop, even at peak times, on many occasions. Other people told me to que up at certain times, and it STILL never popped. I gave up ever trying to get these rewards because the time it takes to even get one pop is just too time consuming. Other people I know have the same problem, I have even had a few of them in group to que group ranked. STILL never a pop. I am frankly ticked off because had the que popped I would have gotten some of these rewards, but it never did. I got 2 ranked matches total out of the entire season because I am not setting for 2 hrs waiting for a que to pop when I have other things to do. It would be really nice to not make it require 10 matches because of this.

Make the seasons one month long and everyone will populate the que and get a chance to get this stuff. Anything longer will just make the que pop less or not at all. You could have a season every quarter for one month. Four a year.

Also, if you bring back the 8v8 Ranked it would make the que pop alot, otherwise this stuff is nearly impossible to get (on my server).

Furthermore, Unranked rewards would be nice and make it fair for the people who cant ever get Ranked to pop. I think both Ranked and Unranked should get rewards. Just different ones. I PVP all the time in Unranked and feel we deserve some love as well.