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Han Solo killed the Emperor, for example. Granted, Palpatine was in a severely weakened state, but nevertheless.
Then again, endgame story content is a group content for a very good reason. Even some of the strongest Force users in the galaxy (namely Emperor's Wrath, Darth Nox, Hero of Tython etc) couldn't deal with the Dread Masters/Soa or even an extremely powerful Hutt crimelord without little help from their allies.
As for the soloable class/faction based stories, if I remember correctly, you get to smoke a few powerful Force sensitive adversaries as a non-force sensitive class.

All in all, one cannot come out as victor in a war without any external help. Rebel Alliance wouldn't have defeated the Emperor without Luke and I somehow doubt Luke would've had any chance to prevail against the Empire all alone.
i get the idea, but imho, this event with Han and Palpatine don't count. I'm talking about two characters using everything they got, prep time is allowed. It's in those situasions that i like to compare with the many batman's clashes against superman on the comics.

But you are right, it's not solo content, which means that no single person, whatever title he\she have, couldn't do it alone. Your comparison with Luke facing the empire makes a great sense to me, now i understand.
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