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04.15.2014 , 08:18 AM | #186
new entries added in game:
pvp -
Quesh Huttball Pit: Used Magnetic Grapple

lore -
Invasion of Tython (Empire)
The Jedi Temple on Tython (Empire)
Republic Occupation of Korriban (Empire)
Taking the Sith Academy (Republic)
The Empire on Tython (Republic)
Korriban's Dark Draw (Republic)

persones of note -
Darth Arkous (Empire)
Lana Beniko (Empire)
Colonel Darok (Republic)
Theron Shan (Republic)

titles -
Conquerer of the Dread Fortress,,,,, [DF with Nim power]
Gate Crasher,,,,, [DF timed run]
Deposer of the Dread Masters,,,,, [DP with Nim power]
Dread Master,,,,, [DP timed run]
Hotshot,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Galactic Warden,,,,, [Cartel pack]
Gatekeeper,,,,, [Cartel pack]

all new entries works perfectly, without bugs