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I am back from Boston and I bring Lore!

Although Naga Sadow met his demise on Yavin IV, his tomb with all of its dark artifacts lies in the Valley of the Dark Lords.
This was something that bugged me early on, especially since in the Warrior storyline it seems like there's an actual body with Sadow's armor in the tomb. But since the Clone Wars gave Darth Bane a tomb there, I've just come to terms with the idea that any Sith Lord worth the name is gonna have sycophants who're gonna get his body to Korriban... for some reason.
Given the choice whether to rule a corrupt and failing empire or to challenge the fates for another throw, a better throw, against one's destiny, what was a king to do?
But does one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars.