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In this era, the Cold War era, Darth is a preceding title literally meaning Dark Lord of the Sith. In the Sith heirarchy, a Darth's political clout and power exceeds that of a Lord, and it seems due to empirical evidence that Darth titles are bestowed upon those who have bested a former Darth (i.e. nullified the power of their direct superior). Compared to the Jedi Order a Darth=Master.

Lord is a title under Darth and also is a naming convention. I.e. "My lord" when referring to apprentices and up.

In the era of the 6 movies, a Darth is a title bestowed amongst any Sith, while lord is just a naming convention. Lord is not a title, it is like Sir when one is referring to a knight or His/Her Majesty when one is referring to the monarch of Britain. What people seem to forget is that during the later era of Bane and the era of the movies, the Sith in question ascribed to the Rule of Two. That again, there are only ever two Sith (Maul's time being an exception), both Sith were referred to as Darth. Being bestowed Darth meant that you were officially an apprentice.

Comparing the movies uses of Darth to SWTOR use of it is apples and oranges. The title was differently, as, unlike the Jedi, the Sith have constantly been shifting the terms of their existence. There have been groups like the Cold War era Sith, big and diverse, to the Rule of Two, master and apprentice, to the Rule of One (whose power structure I know nothing about).

Now about the actual topic, despite what happened in Beta, the SW is a Darth. He usurped a former Darth and also, unlike Lord Scourge, is very formally recognised by the Council. For that to happen, he would be named a Darth so the Councillors wouldn't lose face inviting them to their tea parties.
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