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Mortis and Ravage have been members of the Dark Council for quite some time as well I believe. Regardless, I for one would like to know which Sphere was Darth Soverus heading. Maybe Military Strategy?

Always rubs me the wrong way to see new people appointed to the Dark Council and the Sith Inquisitor not partaking in it. I do understand the complexity of creating SPECIFIC NEW for every single time a fellow councilor is killed but it makes the character's role feel fairly underwhelming.
Oh jeez, they've bumped off yet another Dark Council member?

I don't know why they bother appointing them anymore...
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Heck, aside from Vowrawn and Marr, the Council's makeup at any given time is rather undefined. I think that'd be a great area to expand upon in the future.
The information is out there if you know where to look. This is good place to start.