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12.25.2011 , 02:47 AM | #17
Just did it today on my lvl 19 sorcerer. The trick is that he only summons the add twice; first at the beginning of the fight and again at the end. Could be on a timer but to me looked more like was tied to his HP, though I didn't catch any numbers.

Started by pre-shielding both me and Khem, pulled the boss to the tunnel entrance and DPS'ed him as much as possible. When he summons the small adds, single targeted them down and CC'd the broodmaster himself with whirlwind. Took my time, healed us both and pre-shielded again.

DPS'ed him again as much as possible. He summoned the adds again at ~10% HP. Just ignored the adds and burned him down. After he died, heal us again while Khem killed the adds one by one. It helps a lot to have specced for extra 20% on your shields in this fight and in general; means more time to DPS without interrupting to heal Khem.