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You're on the right path here. The items from reputation vendors do not unlock the piece in Collections. If you were to compile the set from different, non-reputation sources (such as some from the Cartel Market, some from the GTN), it would unlock. Reputation items, however, are specific to the character with the rep.
1) Nowhere in the in game HELP files or even the forums does is state that u can not complete a collection the way I have.There is actually no guideline that explains any of this clearly, you'd think there would be at least a sticky on the forums. But even if there was, most players never check those, there should be a tool tip stating specifically that the items won't count for the collection, but there aren't. This is BIOWARE's responsibility not the player's.

2) I have spent a lot of money on Cartel Packs in order to get Hero rep with I.C.E. and the Certificates needed for gear. Rep which by the way is ACCOUNT wide on all my characters, so your above is invalid and does not apply.