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04.09.2014 , 08:54 AM | #4
Indeed for those who have geared 55 it would be nice to have another 2 flashpoints to the HM queue as the last 2 were czerka and they were both a long time ago now...
Tactical isnt really teaching the new lot anything due to the 'no role needed'. Long queue times may annoy a few DPS but tbh it was their choice to pick the role that has the largest population... If you cannot play one of the other roles its easier to find a decent guild or a few friends to grab your weekly with. Loved the idea of tactical fp's at low level as a lot of tanks and healers like to level as dps anyway but at 55?
Need a HM variants for the majority of pve players this is a real let down. I really only play my tank or healer so it seems a real slap in the face to say actually your role is not just not needed but most groups prefer 4 dps for speed. Bring out HM variants of these fp's please as they seem quite well put together.