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04.09.2014 , 08:04 AM | #2
Yes... The level 55 tactical flashpoints are a small niche. It's good to get you started in PvE on a freshly levelled character but it gets old very fast.

The two new flashpoints can't really have a levelling version because story. It's a bit like if you could play the false emperor before finishing Ilum. Oh wait bad example. But anyway, since it references Makeb it makes sense to leave it at max level.

Why there is no hard mode nor any intention to make one is more puzzling though... The flashpoints are pretty hard compared to Kuat and Czerka, but still not much of a challenge (because you don't need a tank). It seems like they would be perfectly suited for a hard mode conversion (which could be as simple as ramping up the damage so as to kill dps who pull before the tank and people who stand in red circles, but new and more punishing mechanics would be better).