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04.08.2014 , 07:30 PM | #1
Open Collections window.
On the left side, scroll down to the Armors category.
Switch to pages 11-20.
On the left side, scroll down to the Weapons category, Crystals, etc.

The page numbers for Weapons, Crystals, etc. remain 11-20 even though there are less than 10 pages of those items. Clicking on any page number brings up an empty window because there are no pages 11-20 of weapons crystals etc.

Go back to Armors category.
Switch Armors to page 1.
Go back to Weapons category.

Page numbers for Weapons, crystals, etc. remain 11-20, with empty windows.

You cannot retrieve your collected weapons crystals etc. if the bug is active.

Relog the character to get rid of this bug until the next time you look at the Armors collection.