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Look obviously we've already decided that there isn't a piece of content in the game now that requires a guard for competent players. So if you really want to guard that dps, well then it's better than not using a guard in the first place.

I would merely argue that almost every possible situation in this game is better addressed by guarding healers or exceptionally squishy dps. Those that are squishy and aoe bursty are especially more suited as guard targets LIGHTNING SORCERERS I'M STARING RIGHT AT YOU!!!! (well you and me in a mirror 'cause I play/leveled one)

Way to win: (in no order)
1. Keep ops/group frames red. (H2F)
2. Don't stand in stupid. (L2P)
3. Kill stuff. (Make them Pay)

1. I've been tanking forever. I've found that for this game, Guard is an extraneous tool that is a novelty for anyone with real experience playing truly difficult content from older, harder games with less room for failure. Games that didn't have to include "hard mode" in their content, because everything was already pretty frickin' hard, thanks very much.

2. Novelty or not, Guard is obviously intended to be used to dampen threat from damage dealers. The facts are out about healing threat in this game: It's got long range but it is MINISCULE. That being said, the presence of guard does nothing to reduce the RANGE of healed threat. Meaning anything that spawns in and isn't immediately tanked or damaged will zoom towards your preciously guarded healers regardless of how much putting a guard on them means you aren't a mediocre tank, or whatever your insane troll logic is trying to say.

3. Using guard as an assignation over whether or not a tank is "skilled" is silly, and has been rightfully refuted by the majority of people people who've read this claim. It is the equivalent of saying that people who pronounce their vowels without slurring are incapable of eating baked potatoes. What?
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