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Okay, then what the deuce is the point?

55 Tac flashpoints for my guild at least are completely ignored. CZ-198, we'll do it HM because its more fun, elite comms, and 162 gear for companions or alts (they are balanced around unaugged 162 gear, two DPS with 156 did not make The Vigilant's DPS check). KDY, faster for 55's sure, but the reward is meh. (planetary comms, really?) All KDY is good for is leveling.

Sure, basic comms at the end, but at this point the game gives Basic comms like candy.
Makeb Staged Weekly (last time I ran it, 40mins)
Black Hole
50HM Daily
Other tac FPs
Moar Basic comm farming, really?
When we are gearing a new toon, it takes us usually two or three weeklies, then on to elite gear. These don't stay useful for long/

These 55 tac FPs lack the variants of the other two that are actually worthwhile for more than 2 weeklies. Speedruns for rep, that is all they are good for (Consular Battlemaster set!)

Anyone else peeved that these new FP's lack what make the other tactical flashpoints worthwhile. I personally greatly enjoy 55 hard modes, and I want moar of them.