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12.25.2011 , 02:26 AM | #22
Thing is, this is NOT wow... Graphics are not the same way of wow (not many details, bright colors and basic textures), were you could get lot of fps and no drops. This is also a new game while wow has been around 10years...

Btw, pvp is not arena, pvp is Player versus Player... that means world pvp, instanced pvp and such. Vanilla was fun because world pvp (that didnt reward anything for years). People that loved pvp did battlegrounds to rank up, was a bad system but still something since wow wasnt pvp oriented... BC gave us arenas, they are cool since you can do stuff with 1-2 friends and have fun, but they have a challenging cap... play a fotm class till it gets nerfed, or use a profession till it gets nerfed... end of story!

Maybe you know how to play arenas and you are good at it, but let me tell you sir, that you have no idea on playing PvP.