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This game has more story quest content than any three MMO's out there combined. You have 8 class stories and two factions stories through level 50, and another more or less "unified" story through 55. Not to mention the side/optional arcs out there. (Seeker/Macrobinocular quests.)

Granted, any game benefits from additional content of all types, but to suggest we have less questing content in TOR seems like an odd criticism.
Some of us have been here long enough to have done all the class quests 10 times over. I am taking about new Story quest content since the release of makeb.

The only thing that even comes remotely close to qualifying is Oricon and that is in conjunction with a daily area and is VERY short.

The rest is dailies, flashpoints, and operations, none of which fit the definition of questing content.
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