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After not being able to play for the better part of two weeks due to my video card dying, a paltry update for me, up to 29225.

I'll find out what's changed in terms of point values with NiM DF and the new GSF ships and update that accordingly when I log into 2.7 tomorrow.

A quick question to anyone who may have done so: I'm pretty much done with all of my planetary achievements but the seeker droid ones (vomit) and some 5k kills or odd 5-point achievements that I'm too lazy to finish. What I have left are pretty much just the PvP ones. I know that some folks have gotten pretty far with these on PVE servers, though the opportunity to work on these on Harbinger is pretty limited.

My forum searches have only given ambiguous answers to the question of if I can transfer some of my toons to a PvP server (or start leveling them with this coming double XP weekend) to gank a few thousand poor souls, and then return that toon to Harbinger, with my two achievement sets properly merging (the planetary PvP kills and everything else that I've since done on Harbinger) without any issue. My searches pretty much revealed speculation on this issue without proof, or some folks saying that they lost some of their achievements upon merging two legacies (back) together. Has anyone here actually done this themselves and can confirm that it works?
Short answer: yes but could be buggy.

During the time they were closing down the apac server...
I transferred some toons to US server after they opened up free transfer. Then I have made progress on different achievements on toons on both servers. After the forced transfer, I got all my achievements merged on the US server.

But there were reports that some people didn't get all their achievements merged.


From what I heard, there isn't a great deal of world pvp happening even on pvp server. So I am not sure how effective your plan will be.

On the other hand, there were some organisation of world pvp on Harbinger when Oricon first released. It happened on four or five consecutive weekends. There was even suggestion of weekly pvp event cycling all daily areas. But the interest quickly faded after most of the keen pvpers got their scare bear titles.