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Yeah, I had mentioned memory coming back and realizing that alot of TOR content was that way... eg. start solo and end up with group required to finish. It's just that having not played for so long and returning to subscribe, I had forgotten that wee bit of shenanigans. Fine if there's groups to do it, but frustrating waste of time if there isn't.

Thanks for the tips on trying to pull together a group on fleet. I'm not a big fan of sitting idle at a keyboard on fleet to find a group while time passes - sitting idle not being good gameplay. I was playing TOR before there was a fleet, and was annoyed by the creation of fleet instead of a good group finding mechanic that let you keep playing while waiting for a group. Now though, they did introduce the group finder much later, thankfully, too late probably, but doesn't include heroics. Still, thanks for the tips.
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