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What I found is that the way you describe the nightmare guides only works if one has enough DPS/HPS. Because of that, you can ignore certain mechanics and just heal the damage away, while other groups will be having problems with it.

For example, in the Draxus fight, you do not mention that:
- The next wave of adds always spawns 55 seconds after the previous wave if the adds are not killed fast enough.
- Draxus has a new ability where he can pull in players
- The Bulwarks go enrage after finishing their shield channel (30 seconds), randomly attacking people with ~15k damage.
- Not every group will be able to push Draxus to 30% in Wave 5, but will have him present during Wave 6; therefore those groups can't assign healers for Dismantlers since healers are too busy healing the tank.
- Also, in your tactic you intentionally let the Corrupter put out Mass Affliction; I don't think every group will be able to just heal through that damage.
Missing from the HM guide:
- Draxus always disappers at 90%, 60%, 30%; sometimes you can get in a few % more before he disappears
- All the small details, like the Subteroth explosion having a 7m radius; needing to be within a 4m radius to deal damage on adds shielded by Bulwarks; needing to spread out when Draxus is present so that not every player receives a Corrosive Grenade
- You don't mention that the blue Dismantler is hitting for more than the red Dismantler.
- Adding information like the length of debuffs or boss casts will also go a long way toward helping figure out how to improve a tactic.

Don't get me wrong; your guides are great for covering new content, but a true nightmare guide needs to be more detailed la Icy Veins style, unless you have the DPS/HPS to heal through the detailed mechanics.
Thanks, I added those in. Let me know if there is anything else that should be added. Also please check your PM