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First of all... try to speak english! I guess it isnt urs first language (mine neither) but you pretty much suck at it!

Also, i've been gladiator for 3 seasons (season3, season7&8), i've played WAR, i've played DAoC (im sure you even dont know what daoc is) and other pvp skill based games, and TOR is just fine, it's entertaining and not that easy or bad... I agree that it needs a bit more, check some abilities, classes and such, but i can see a bright future for pvp.

And then... WoW again, srsly? This game is not wow, if you enjoy playing wow, go for it! But wow it's already boring... the pvp was never good, arenas were pretty fun, but not anymore! (you really need to experience pvp, not just 2v2,3v3,5v5).

And finally, have some respect for the other ppl in the forum, being rude doesnt help you!

PS: Also, if there are stickys with the problems you are saying... *** are you opening another thread? QQ less please
Pretty much this. PvP in this game is largely fine. What this thread boils down to is someone PvP'd, died, and then came to the forums.
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