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04.06.2014 , 08:52 PM | #2
Yeah there have been many feedbacks on that. The dev needs to make the final quest repeatable with relevant loots. So there are more people doing it.

The final Macrobinocular quest is worse than the Seeker Droid one, in the sense that you must have four people to "click objects", while the final seeker droid quest is actually soloable if you are overgeared. On the other hand the Macrobinocular final quest is more fun and satisfying.

There are still people doing them. Just take some time and patient to gather a group. Personally I have completed both series on multiple toons and have helped other players on the final quests. So don't abandon the quest and keep an eye out for people lfg on fleet.

On the subject of solo quest ending up heroic 4, isn't the whole game shaping that way? You start solo (and no companion) and the endgame is 8/16 man hard mode raids. So don't agree with that perspective. But I do understand it is frustrating of unable to find a group.