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Resently resub'd to see what's what. Got to level 52 and found myself against level 55 stuff on Makeb, so figured I was supposed to do those two quests on Coruscant that it offered, Seeker Droid, and Macrobinoculars.

Chased all the seeds and quests for little XP gain, and after all of that, to add insult to injury, it caps off by sending me to Ilum for a Heroic 4 that I knew I had absolutely zero chance of finding a group for. It probably was not a problem for a short time after it first launched, but now, on a weekend, I landed on Ilum and got what I expected when asking for a group. *crickets*

What a waste of time, and beyond dissatisfying, to have a solo series end up with a Heroic 4 on Ilum.

Shame on me for not seeing it coming, and LOL at me for getting hooked into a time sink for no pay off. I assume the same thing will happen to me when I reach the end of the Macrobinocular mess. Between this and the buggy mess I found in the binocular series that I posted about earlier... it's a resounding, "Welcome back!" to returning players. LOL.
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