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As above. Also weeklies for DF/DP and S&V should be moved to last boss. I joined some SM PUGs to finish one-time quests on my Sorcerer last week and those people didn't deserve any comms whatsoever (I pulled 5000EHPS with 99,9% effective heals in one of those to give you an idea how bad it was).
Welcome to casual land of TOR, where even fails can get through enough content to get comms to over gear most things.

I'd love to see all the weeklies require killing the last boss, and have the comms that drop and / or are tied to the weekly be commensurate with the difficulty level (e.g. no getting Ultimate comms killing bosses in entry 55 SM ops).

And no, I'm not an elitist, but I also don't think one should be able to fail their way through trivial content and be awarded gear of a higher level than that content.

But I am a realist, and know they won't change this model as it keeps all the fail casual bad players playing by giving them the illusion of a challenge in killing a few SM operation bosses designed for 66 gear in their 72 / 78 comm gear.

Its also why I believe we'll never see another EC or Lost Island, so they should leave them alone and quit nerfing them for the fail players.