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Sure, but what's the reason for that? you haven't exactly explained why there 'needs to be an ops with a high difficulty stuck in the level 50 range'.

Is it just a challenge that guilds like to come back to just to get it done? do they do it for the mounts?

My point is, it just feels like it's out of place, stuck there in the classic ops weekly where no one bothers touching it.
Well guess what? There's KP and EV that are perfect for the bads with 0 mechanics that do anything to get the weeklies done. EC is a good place for people to learn what a mechanic is and how to handle them. Leave it the same. People already can't clear the council and draxus on SM ffs. If you can't handle EC hm you don't deserve the ultimate comms. /thread
Not trying to come across as a dbag but lets get real here. The content in this game is already pretty frickin easy.
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