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keep it the same. that op has mechanics that are as hard if not harder then the ops out right now and it should stay that way.
Sure, but what's the reason for that? you haven't exactly explained why there 'needs to be an ops with a high difficulty stuck in the level 50 range'.

Is it just a challenge that guilds like to come back to just to get it done? do they do it for the mounts?

My point is, it just feels like it's out of place, stuck there in the classic ops weekly where no one bothers touching it.

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I am sorry, but EC Nightmare is the only lvl 50 content that sill requires you to have some skill, knowledge how to execute tactics and some experiance. I don't mind if developers change the Hardmode or Storymode to cater the content more to the bad players but Nightmare is from the start not intended for everyone, and don't give me that crap about gear, when I first hit lvl 55 me and some friends did it for achievements and cleared it with ****** makeb gear.
I agree NIM should be left but I already said in my first post it was about tacts and not gear?

Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
Instead of asking for a nerf, you should consider how you play your class and if there is anything you can do to play it better, since if you are having troubles with EC Nightmare, there is something really wrong.
This isn't about me personally lol I know all the tactics and used to raid this one all the time when it was new. But these days my job makes it impossible to stick to a weekly schedule for raiding and I'm much happier pugging groups. On my server pugging works out surprisingly well for every other raid in the game except EC, so taking away some of the necessary tactics for SM/HM would be worth considering, if anything just for some variety.