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04.06.2014 , 12:22 PM | #1
As it stands currently, I believe it's just as hard to get this done now than it was back in the days when 50 was cap and it was first introduced. It's easier to pug Dread Palace than it is to get past the 2nd boss in EC...

I know there are exceptions, some groups will be able to fly through it but generally speaking it's all about the tactics over how well your group is geared.

So what is the purpose of this and should anything be done?

Should it be left as it is with better rewards introduced or should some of the tactics be removed such as double destruction duties/less offensive system shields on the second boss to make it easier for groups?

Personally, I just want to get those damn Vehicle achievements done and out of my mission log and a little more variety in my classic ops weekly choices, because it's only ever KP or EV that people feel like it's worth doing for those Ult comms...