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Your shot at my skill failed. I don't care what you think. Lastly you don't represent a majority. The game runs fine for the majority. I suggest a new CPU, GPU, or a SSD. This is a MMO some lag is to be expected, at times. Way to blow it all out of proportion though. I'm sure this thread will be taken seriously by all who attempt to read it.
Let me try again

GO READ THE F'ing sticky posts there's one summarizing themmore complained pvp issues u will see all that I've said in the top 5!IT IS NOT A CLIENT SIDE ISSUE!!I run on 110 fps outside wz with an average of 20/40 ms of Ping.I also have played at a high enough lvl to
Understand this is not amclient based provlem it's the game/combat sistem!!it's clunky and bathe lag is not on the's on the single abilities

Let me guess mister hardcore WORLD PVP'r(love it lol)u are also a mouse clicker and keyboard turner?that would explain how u didnt notice these issues