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Yet again u just proved how cluless and terribad u are at pvp...ur a ganker rofl...vanilla wow ranking sistem?!?!are u f'ing srs?!?!rofl that readers the biggest no lifer with the most hours to farm honor rodlrofl....I used anfreakin bot to get rank 14 gm lolol....talking about srs pvp here champ,,,,,that rewards skill and coordination....noting was zerging,gankIng and honor farming
Your posts are a gem and I will cherish them forever. Your boasts about mad skill combined with admitted botting along with some mythical rewards earned through non-existent world PvP in WoW should be saved for all to see. What serious world PvP you were talking about in WoW never existed outside of the already talked about system and I stopped playing WoW in wotlk after achieving glad/arena master. Terrible pvp is terrible.
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