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Came back to give it a try after repeated marketing emails. Going from level 50 on Makeb, got quests for Coruscant for level 53 and was already facing Level 55 mobs when I was only level 52, so figured its wonky related to progression, that it wanted me to go do the level 53 Coruscant missions.

Sends me to Tatooine to scan 6 items, but it keeps bugging. It doesn't show all 6 active on my map, so I reset it now 4 times after traveling all over Tatooine and unable to get 6 / 6. One that I didn't see on my map was shown on some player's guide map, so I go there and sure enough, see a transmitter, but I can't scan it with my binoculars. I reset it yet again, and now this one is active and I can scan it, but when I go to another one that I was able to do before, it was now inactive after the reset. WTH?

Then I go to my old favorite place, the SWTOR forums to see if there's any help to be found, and sure enough, I remember how ineffective these forums are laid out, they never listened about the structure of the forums that are lacking... there's not even a "Quests" forum. WTH?

So I do a search of the quest name, "The Search Begins". And as I remember it before I quit last time, I get the ineffective, "No Search Results". Now I can't believe there's actually no forum posts about this buggy ####ing ###p, but good luck finding it.

"Welcome back, sir", this is all saying to me. "Thanks for wasting your time and subscription on our 'new' content."

Got it.
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