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I thought USM was quite decent. I thought it looked stupid, plus I'm honestly not a huge fan of team-ups, but I enjoyed it. Certainly not "90s-Spider-man-good", but not terrible either. But I agree, it really does suck that TCW was cut short. I don't get why Disney couldn't bring it into the fold and then have a one hour block of Star Wars animation once Rebels started.

Going back to my earlier post, though, I've always felt that the Clone Wars events that were shown in the novels, comics, and animated show still occurred even with TCW. That show didn't encompass every waking moment of the various characters' lives; n fact, I believe months would pass just between episodes sometimes. Unless it can be confirmed otherwise, as long as dates don't conflict, in my mind, all that stuff said to be part of the war but not in TCW still happened.
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