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Holy crap, did you proof read this post at all before clicking the button.

Additionally, PvP in this game is leaps and bounds above WoW already. Nothing like PvP being ruled by a FoTM comp run, pillar humping, 10 dudes beating on a healer, failure that WoWs PvP is. Additionally it sounds like half your problems could be solved by upgrading your rig. I rarely encounter any problems with lag or skill firing, and I do not have a next gen or top of the line comp. Don't blame the game for a crap computer.
First of all if u read the forums u will see majority of people complaining about this problems.they exist on Bw side not on client side...just read the first page of posts or the freaking STICK post

Secondly u sound like someone that never AchievEd average/reasonable ratings in wow to actualy have a valid pvp opinion(that would be at least above 2400)

The game is NOT fluid at all!!sucks big big time and this problem is in fact on the combat sistem design and terrible UI

Lol instants taking 2secs and abolitie spam making the key reset at the ability mo happen?!?!srsly ge a clue m8....I represent the majority on this pv forum lol(when talking about this issues)