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Lol "leaps and bounds"... *** "10 dudes beating on a healer".. At least WoW rewarded you for doing world pvp. You made you're self sound real noob. Do you proof read what you post before clicking?

Bio Ware hyped pvp WoW did not.. huge difference
World PvP doesn't exist in WoW outside of someone being bored and camping TM or X-roads. It's been dead since BC. The honor gained from world PvP in WoW was a joke at best (which is why people cried about the original ranking system). People did it in vanilla for two reasons: 1) it was fun 2) there were no BGs for a long time. Welcome to reality.

Additionally BW didn't hype PvP. They hyped story. What BW did say was that leveling and rewards would equal to that of PvE. That was pretty much it. I'm a hardcore world PvPer, and am not happy with the current system not rewarding world PvP. But I'm not delusional enough to make a thread about how great WoWs PvP is compared to TORs and think people won't laugh at me.
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