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wrong... healing only does not make any mob entering the fight, so someone must have been on top of the aggro list before me... think about it. I am not opening any fight and i am not adding any other mobs by attaking, so i can only get aggro from mobs that have had aggro on another player.
Wrong, when you enter combat with a group of enemies, any enemies within a certain radius of the ones who are aggro'd all enter combat at the same time.

There is no magic in it...

As a healer i am producing aggro on ALL mobs that are involved in a fight. So now explain why guarding the healer will not at least give the healer little more time until these other mobs are starting to attack the healer ?
You are producing a fraction of the threat a DPS or tank produces, such that literally they would have to not attack mobs for you to pull off them, in which case (as has already been explained to you and ignored), guard would not help you anyways.

of course... again... explain please why guarding the healer will not extend the time until all these mobs are going after me...
Its been explained. Combat is initiated, mobs will attack whoever initiated combat but 0 threat is going to those mobs at that time. If nobody attacks them and you cast 1 heal, they will go to you. If nobody continues to attack them, you're tanking them. If a DPS or tank attacks them even ONCE, they will do more threat than several big heals of yours could hope to do, and they will pull off you, even if you don't have a guard.

but you are right... it`s not worth to discuss about it...
Its not because there are stubborn people like you who don't understand the game mechanics, refuse to try to understand them (have you ever actually read a combat log before?), and stubbornly complain with anecdotal evidence (but see this one time this happened so that's the way it works!) until they're blue in the face and you give them their guard.

Oh btw as for your other comment about bosses enraging in a lowbie flashpoint, that doesn't happen. Enrage doesn't become a mechanic until level 50 hard modes.

Now please, learn how to read combat logs and educate yourself on how threat works in this game, and stop cluttering up this forum with even more bad and wrong advice for new players. As for the OP, you did the right thing in giving the guard to the healer if only so he won't complain and ragequit, like the poster I'm replying to probably would.
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