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04.04.2014 , 02:09 AM | #7
Interesting tips guys, thanks. I'll make a note of that next time I get Malestorm or another FP like that.

Things got slightly odd...when I noticed the healer stopped using his heals when when got to...Krupp I think his name is? The psycho cyborg guy.....

Dialogue was more or less like this

DPS: *To Healer* Why didn't you use your other healing spells?

I typed out I'm sorry I died, I was the last gal standing

Healer: I have other healing spells?

Me: O_O..... oh dear...

DPS: You're not specced as a healer....

Me: (Oh boy..........)

Surpsingly we all pulled through after some careful planning, but it was....odd for a moment