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04.04.2014 , 01:13 AM | #6
If you, as a healer, are getting attacked, it's because nobody else has attacked that mob.
wrong... healing only does not make any mob entering the fight, so someone must have been on top of the aggro list before me... think about it. I am not opening any fight and i am not adding any other mobs by attaking, so i can only get aggro from mobs that have had aggro on another player.

Guarding you doesn't magically make someone else attack the mob
There is no magic in it...

As a healer i am producing aggro on ALL mobs that are involved in a fight. So now explain why guarding the healer will not at least give the healer little more time until these other mobs are starting to attack the healer ?

so guess what: You'll still be at the top of the threat table.
of course... again... explain please why guarding the healer will not extend the time until all these mobs are going after me...

but you are right... it`s not worth to discuss about it...