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These suggestions didn't work for me, even at level 21, but I'm probably not using my assassin as well as I should be...

Here's what did work for me:
* Killed everything on the way in.
* Ran through the broodmaster chamber and through the exit tunnel to the round chamber with the elevator. You'll run past a bunch of colicoids. If you die on the way, just rez and keep running to the elevator chamber.
* The colicoids will bunch up at the entrance to the elevator chamber. Wait for them to dissipate, then kill everything in the exit tunnel.
* Aggro the broodmaster and get him to follow you as far into the exit tunnel as you can. Halfway to the elevator chamber should be good enough.
* Attack the broodmaster. He'll burrow and send broodlings, but the broodlings spawn in the main broodmaster chamber and it takes them a while to get into the exit tunnel to your position. The broodmaster reappeared before the lings got to me. Without the lings attacking me, he died very easily. He was only able to spawn lings once. Also, not all of the lings came into the exit tunnel. Some were still in the main chamber when I went back for the artifact.

When I did this I fought the broodmaster with Crushing Darkness, Electrocute, Force Lightning, and Shock. I alternated between Lightning and Shock and Saber Strike while the other two refreshed. When the broodlings attacked, I hit them with Dark Charge/Discharge and Overload and attacked them directly. (There was only one small wave of broodlings and I was able to ignore most of them and concentrate on the master.)

I didn't use Channel the Force because this was my third attempt and it was still recharging. I had just tried the other method mentioned in this topic twice and it didn't work for me. (Like I said, I'm probably not using my assassin as well as I could be.)

I guess it's possible to lure the broodmaster all the way back to the elevator chamber and fight him there from a distance. It wasn't necessary in my case. I killed him the first time I tried this technique.

Hope it helps.